Pokemon Set the Stage – Will Petaluma Take the Spotlight?

Last month, you may have noticed flocks of kids and grown-ups drifting around down,  smartphones in hand like Sherlock’s magnifying glass. searching for Pokemon. The popular characters populate an app-based game as well as the real world thanks to augmented reality technology. However, Pokemon wasn’t the first arrival of AR in Petaluma. Meet artist [...]

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Eyeball Art: What Happens When Art Looks At YOU

Shakespeare may have coined the term “eyeball,” (it was Prospero in “The Tempest,” Act One, Scene Two, if you have to know) but it’s local arts impresaria Drew Washer who created “The Eyeball Show.”  As part of an exhibit at the Back House Gallery at Heebe Jeebe that runs through August [...]

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How a Storytelling Legend Will Foretell Petaluma’s Storied Future

Somehow, the term “storytelling” simultaneously conjures visions of primeval campfires and modern marketing departments. It’s an elastic and unbreakable concept that has been used to transmit the ineffable “truths” of our lives for millennia. Lately, however, it’s also become vogue corporate jargon – more akin to storyselling. Google “storytelling business” [...]

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How Petaluma Comedy Makes Mondays Bigger, Easier and Funnier

It used to be that all you needed to launch a comedy revolution was a microphone and brick wall. Of course, that was back in the’80s when a stand-up renaissance swept small clubs across the nation. In the age of YouTube, comedians have new ways of building audiences but there's a trend back to [...]

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Buckethead in Petaluma: Don’t Be Afraid of the Masked Man Wearing the KFC Bucket

Like something lurching from a '80s horror flick, Buckethead, the lanky, masked guitarist, lopes onstage at the Mystic Theatre Tuesday June 28th, with his attenuated (some say robotic) fingers dancing on the fretboard of his signature white Les Paul, whilst destroying everything you thought you knew about electric guitar music. What [...]

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Petaluma Arts: What do German, Jesus and Salt Have in Common?

Zeitgeist – it’s one of those German idioms that everyone understands intuitively but damn if it isn’t hard to describe. It literally translates to “spirit of the time,” but it can mean so much more. For some, it’s a motorcycle bar qua beer garden south of Market; for others it’s a [...]

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Where this Wine Tasting Room is Might Surprise You

Following its close cousin Sonoma into the fray of a wine-drenched cultural identity, Petaluma too, is in the midst of pouring itself into Wine Country. The indicators surround us, not least of which the pending approval of the Petaluma Gap as an official American Viticultural Area and the occasional wine tasting [...]

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What Happens When Art Teachers Do Their Own ‘Home Work’

June is here and one can already hear the anthemic choruses of Alice Cooper’s ode to academic escape “School’s Out for Summer!” And yet, one Petaluma gallery has found a way to sneak in one last assignment. Don’t worry –  this won’t ruin your summer vacation, in fact, the onus [...]

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Why Author Joe Hill is Playing with Fire at this Petaluma Bookstore

It’s difficult to refrain from making “King of the Hill” gags when one knows that author Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King. Name games aside, the New York Times bestselling author will be at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma tonight, promoting his latest release, The Fireman, which explores what [...]

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Why Your Petaluma Brewery Opened a Pop-Up Beer Garden… in San Francisco

Besides beer, engineering and the occasional world war, Germans are known for their idiomatic words – you know, the one’s that sum up abstract but useful concepts like schadenfreude (pleasure in others’ misfortune) and weltschmerz (world weariness). Then there’s biergarten, which has a much more positive connotation, and thanks to what linguists [...]

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