Guess the Secret Ingredient at the Spice Queen’s Cookie Exchange

The Sonoma Spice Queen hosts the 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange. As part of the Petaluma Downtown Association’s “Merchant's Holiday Open House,” the Sonoma Spice Queen will be hosting its 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange. The event, which begins at 2 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 3, at the organic spice-maker’s 407 [...]

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Paging Dr. Strange: When You Share Your Name With a Superhero

Stranger than Fiction: Dr. Strange, meet Dr. Strange. The latest offering of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Dr. Strange,” is currently enjoying its second week at the top of the box office. This is good news not only for our Boulevard Cinemas but for perhaps for a member [...]

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Petaluma Happy Hour: Do Your Post-Election Recovery on the Cheap

In this set, Petaluma Happy Hour ranges from "The Happiest Hour" to the "Extremely Happy Hour." Given the turmoil wrought by the presidential election and the massive uncertainty that looms ahead, it’s understandable that you might want to just grab a drink and devour some comfort food. Fortunately, [...]

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How a Petaluma Artist Made Window Shopping a Literary Event

Passersby enjoy a reading by artist Antonia Kao's daughter Anja (7). Through the 70s, 80s and 90s, sci-fi scribe Harlan Ellison attempted to demystify his creative writing process by performing his craft in public in bookstore windows. This style of literary event was admittedly a bit schticky for the prolific author [...]

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Petaluma French Restaurant Takes Its Time (in a good way)

New Kid on the Croc: Crocodile French Cuisine's steak and frites, duck breast and octopus. Crocodiles have crested polo shirts and found themselves the unwitting name of rubber shoes. They’re a hearty reptile that have remained relatively unchanged for 200 million years and though there’s no crocodile (yet) [...]

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Haunted Places in Petaluma: The Washoe House

Haunted Places in Petaluma: The Washoe House has a history of unexplained phenomena. Spirits are high this Fall – if not from the election drama, then from the glasses of spirits raised to nullify its effects. But there are other spirits that come to mind this time of year [...]

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FYI, The Petaluma Cemetery Walk Is Not About Zombies

Left: Marshall West in period dress for the Petaluma Cemetery Walk. Right: The obelisk at the McNear Circle. A local group of history aficionados are giving new meaning to the term “walking dead.” Not only can they talk the talk, in costume as an array of local historical [...]

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Petaluma Halloween Screening of ‘Young Frankenstein’ at Milt’s Coffee

Petaluma Halloween: 'Young Frankenstein' plays at Milt's Coffee. The screens went dark on Petaluma’s drive-in movie theaters decades ago but one local coffee entrepreneur is bringing something of the Friday night tradition back – albeit without the cars. And it may become a Petaluma Halloween tradition. "It's something [...]

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To Whomever Stole this Totem Pole – Bring it Back!

From the totem pole to the telephone pole: The owner of the stolen heirloom seeks its return, no questions asked. Sometime Friday, Sept. 30, an imposing, hand-carved totem pole was stolen from the front yard of a home on Edith Street at East D. The nearly five-foot-tall totem [...]

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What’s With All the Irish Wolfhounds in Petaluma?

Ken Gabriel with Phoenix, a champion Irish Wolfhound in Petaluma this weekend. Those strolling around Petaluma this weekend, particularly near the fairgrounds, may notice a preponderance of large, shaggy-haired dogs loping around. And "large," in this context, is an understatement. These waist-high dogs are the veritable gentle giants [...]

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